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Helping IT teams measure and improve customer satisfaction with IT

Silversix is an Australian management consultancy that helps corporate IT departments measure and improve internal customer satisfaction with IT.

We specialise in gathering and analysing IT customer feedback and using that to drive service improvement and improve IT’s reputation with the business. Our services include real-time customer feedback monitoring (CIOPulse), running periodic IT relationship surveys (NPSforIT), and designing, leading and consulting to process and service improvement initiatives (AgileCSI).

  • We help support teams continually improve and provide a better IT customer experience.
  • We provide CIOs with customer-driven insights to determine where to invest (and not invest) in service improvement.
  • We contribute leadership and expertise to help improve the outcomes of service improvement programs.


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CIOPulse is a service that surveys your internal IT customers in real-time as they interact with your support teams.  CIOPulse provides alerts and dashboards that tell you how satisfied your customers are and where you need to improve.
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NPSforIT is our IT customer relationship survey service. We survey your IT customers, using a Net Promoter-based approach, and provide you with your Net Promoter Score and customer-driven insights to help you invest in the right improvement areas.
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AgileCSI is IT service improvement delivered using an agile approach combined with expert ITSM consulting. AgileCSI will make your SI program visible, flexible and effective with clearer progress tracking and accountability for tasks.
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